Think big! Go large!

We think big, so we go large! The opportunity to improve excites us on a daily basis. That’s why our products are always up to the challenge. Meet ...

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FOX for tomorrow / Heating

Do you know that our building is heated with recovered heat in 94%? We develop consciously, for future generations and our planet. We are expanding on many ...

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Presentation of turbo and automatic pipe scrapers...

Welding manual

Manual, to simply show how to properly install electrofusion fittings....

Welding manual: tapping tee

Installation manual, how to properly install electrofusion tapping tee...


is a company with many years of experience in the production of polyethylene fittings, used in gas and water pipelines, industrial applications and many others.
The company manufactures electrofusion fittings with wide range of types and diameters, as well as spigot fittings, electrofusion machines and PE ball valves.
FOX offers its customers high quality, knowledge, service and technical support.